What does UAAC stand for and what is your mission?

Utah Animal Adoption Center. Our mission is to eliminate euthanasia of healthy, adoptable animals through rescue, spay/neutering, education, and adoption.

Are you part of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and/or No More Homeless Pets?

No. Although they do give advice to shelters and make grants to some shelters, they are not UAAC's parent organization, and they do not provide us with any operating money.

What's the difference between UAAC and other animal groups, like the county shelters?

We are a private, non-profit organization, not a municipal or government agency. UAAC does not receive any tax support for any of its services, so we depend upon donations and adoption fees to operate.

Are you a "no-kill" adoption center?

UAAC does not euthanize any healthy animals. Some animals, sadly, are unable to be safely adopted— those with serious behavior or medical problems.

Where do you get your animals?

The majority of our cats and dogs come from local and regional shelters that sadly have to euthanize thousands of animals annually. We partner with these shelters, rescuing pets from their euthanasia lists. A few of our animals are returned to us when changes in circumstances or hardships makes it impossible for the owner to continue caring for their pet. We only accept animals from the public that were originally adopted at our shelter. 

How long do you keep the animals at your adoption center?

There is no set time limit for how long an animal can remain in our adoption center. As long as an animal maintains general good health and a sound temperament, we'll keep a pet until it is adopted.

I need to put my pet up for adoption. Can I bring it to you?

We do not take in animals from the general public.

Do you take other animals?

We are only equipped to care for, and adopt out, dogs and cats.

There are stray pets in my neighborhood. Can you come pick them up?

No. UAAC is unable to come out and pick up stray animals; however, we can offer you some suggestions. If there is a stray dog or cat in your neighborhood, you can try to locate the owner by contacting your local Animal Control.

How do I know if a pet is being abused?

There are signs to look for in the physical condition of the animal and also his home environment. Often, if a pet is poorly treated, other family members like children are also mistreated.

Observe the Animal's Physical Condition: Does the animal have an untreated injury or limp? Is the animal extremely thin or weak? Is there a severe flea or tick infestation? Does the animal have much missing hair? Is the animal overly fearful or aggressive?

Observe the Animal's Environment: Is there adequate shelter and water outside? Is the animal left outside alone and in extreme weather? What is the condition of the animal's yard? Is it relatively clean? Is the animal outside during all hours of the day? What is the condition of children living in the house? Do they appear well-cared-for or not?

What should I do if I suspect animal cruelty or neglect?

If you witness animal cruelty, call 911 immediately. Also report any cruelty or neglect to animal control at 311. Document what you have witnessed; a camera phone can help. If you suspect neglect, consider offering to help find a new home for the animal. If you are fearful of approaching the family, call the police or animal control confidentially. Contact social services if you are concerned about other family members Do something. There is a link between animal abuse and human abuse. Violence hurts everyone.

What does UAAC do to prevent animal cruelty and neglect?
To prevent animal cruelty and neglect, UAAC conducts visits to schools to teach children about kindness to animals, hosts tours and activities at UAAC for children to help animals, neuters and spays animals in need to reduce strays (often victims of violence). UAAC does not investigate animal neglect or cruelty. The police and animal control agencies investigate animal abuse.

I'm having difficulties with my pet. Can you help me?

Yes. You can visit our links and resources page to help answer your pet questions.

Do you board animals?

No, UAAC is not a boarding facility. We shelter and care for needy animals who are looking for new homes.