Updates on Kelly

February 13 Kelly Adoption Update copy February 13, 2018 | Update on Kelly!
Kelly is doing great. She is happy, tail wagging and a talker! She loves to tell you what she wants - which is mainly to go for a walk or be cuddled. She is so sweet. I will post pictures we took yesterday of her, doing a kind of fashion show! She's received some new coats so we thought we'd show them off. The Wonder Woman outfit and the Utah Utes shirt were donated by Tommy Woods. Carhart coat by Jesse Starett and the sweatshirt hoodie by Danni Foster. We also had some surprise visitors. Miss Utah, Ashley Johnson visited as well as Stephanie Kendrick from world.bestrongnow.com.

She takes her last pill tomorrow. We don't believe she is contagious anymore, the pill is to ensure any lingering mite/egg will be killed off. Her hair is growing back, it's white with some black/brown on her body and mostly black/brown on her head. 

BIG NEWS: We will be doing a live Facebook video tomorrow doing a DNA test. The Humane Society of Utah donated a DNA test to us so we can find out what breed she is. We want to have a little contest - send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. telling us what breed you think Kelly is.

We will get the test back in about 3-4 weeks. When we get the results, we will do another live video with the results and we will announce the winner. We have a special gift basket for the winner that we will give the winner or ship to them! So stay tuned for tomorrow's video and another one is a few weeks! Kelly sends her love and Happy Valentines kisses to everyone!


January 29, 2018 | Update on Kelly!Utah Animal Adoption Center Kelly Dog from the Salt Flats Update copy

Hello, Kelly's Heroes! Kelly is continuing to do well. Today she munched on a fish skin treat that she loved and had some healing balm put on her feet. Those items and more came from her friend Dany Foster and her dog Moonpie! She also has new jammies, custom made for her by Jolene Miller from No More Nekkid Dogs, see her beautiful creations at www.facebook.com/nomorenekkiddogs. Kelly looks so cute in them. And toasty. Her hair is starting to grow back, coming in white

I clipped her nails a bit today, of course, she hates it! But I just clipped a bit as I don't want to hit the quick. She's a good sport though, doesn't try to bite, just pulls her leg away. Rubbed some of the healing balm on her head too where she scratched herself.

She's a funny dog, so sweet and fun. Kelly sends her love to all! And kisses too, she loves giving kisses! Thank you to everyone who has donated and sent blankets, treats, toys and other items to her. She loves it all!


Kelly Salt Flats Dog Update 3 copy

January 18, 2018 | Update on Kelly!

Kelly is doing better every day. I know it's the meds working, but I still think it's all the well wishes and happy thoughts that she is receiving from the universe! She has friends from around the world. 

She is happy today, wanted to jump and get some loves. So far, we can only do that with gloves and gowns on, due to her mange being contagious. We can't wait to be able to pet her without the gloves. She is still eating well; her diarrhea has cleared up. Her eyes are looking good. She is getting a bit restless. She may be good with other dogs, when she hears the littles barking, she runs to the door and listens to them. 

Her nails are still longish; we are trimming them a little at a time. It's pretty easy to see thru the nails and see her quick. The quick has grown with the nails, so we are trimming them slowly, a little bit off each time. We don't want to hit the quick and hurt her. 

Her skin is still fragile, but she is looking better. Her crusties are starting to drop off her face. That crusty look is from the mites but also the exposure to the sun, wind, and cold. She will still bleed if she scratches herself, but her itchiness is getting better, so she isn't scratching as much. She has a bit of hair growing on her back, just an undercoat for now. It's very fine and sparse. It's white with some black too. 

Again, thank you so much for all the wonderful posts and pictures. We are so honored to meet such wonderful friends that love Kelly. You are all KELLY'S HEROES!

Kelly the Salt Flats Dog copyJanuary 17, 2018 | Update on Kelly!

She is doing well today. Had a bit of the runs today, I think eating real food has caught up with her. She sleeps a lot, but that's good for her. She has developed goopy eyes and is on medicine for that. She is not scratching as much, so that's a good thing. She is happy to see people when we come in. It hurts for her to stand on her front feet. They are red and sore. We are giving her foot baths and putting a good salve on them to help her out. She is still very fragile as far as her health goes. One day at a time! 

She wants to thank everyone for their good wishes. I really think she feels all the good thoughts coming her way. She is getting greeting from other states. Many people are asking what breed she is; many think she is a viszla. She could be, but it's too soon to tell. Many offers of adoption and a few people that think this may be their lost dog. We are hoping that is the case, which she got lost. We will be able to tell in a few weeks. I know that's hard to wait on if your dog is lost. We just want to make sure if she is a lost dog, that she goes back to her home - the right home. Here are some of today's pictures.

Kelly Salt Flat Dogs Update 1 Copy copy

January 16, 2018 | Hello from Kelly the Salt Flats girl. 

She is eating and drinking, does good potties and is happy to see people. She wants to thank everyone for the help she has received, from Matt Bentley who found her, the wonderful rescue community that posted for her rescue and all the well-wishers who have donated, prayed and sent good thoughts. We've received a ton of calls from people wanting to help, adopt her or see if she is their lost dog. Right now, she won't go home with anyone until she is feeling and looking much much better! She is a sweetheart and so gentle. Here are some pictures of the girl today. Keep fighting Warrior Kelly! 


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