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Through the generosity of donors, volunteers, and supporters just like you, Utah Animal Adoption Center can continue our mission to eliminate the euthanasia of healthy, adoptable dogs and cats, helping Utah move closer to becoming a No-Kill state. Over the past ten years, your ongoing assistance has enabled Utah Animal Adoption Center to rescue and adopt out over 9,000 dogs and cats, perform 4,000 spays and neuters, and successfully prevent over 31,000 unwanted pets from entering the shelter system through our spay and neuter program.


Thanks to your help, we can increase awareness of Utah Animal Adoption Center to find more homes for our animals, and in turn, rescue more cats and dogs from local shelters.

Utah Animal Adoption Center Meet Rogue

His name says, it all! Rogue suffered from severe behavior issues.  However, today Rogue is a successful graduate of UAAC training. Every dog entering our programs become a student of time, education and patience through training. Rogue spent several months with us to help him overcome his dog and people reactive challenges. And he passed with flying colors.  


Rogue's story continued to evolve and take shape as he advanced into our new foster to home adoption program. His family fell in Love! Rogue’s family learned patience and Rogue learned obedience. He continues to receive necessary training with his adopted family in order stay anxiety free. He is doing fantastic in his new forever home.

But, not all animals come to UAAC with behavior limitations. Some come with physical limitations like Leo: Leo is proof positive that cats do have nine lives.  Leo managed to escape euthanasia not once but, twice as well as overcoming a congenital neurological disorder and an extreme life-threatening, urinary tract impediment. UAAC came to Leo's rescue when he was scheduled for euthanasia through another organization.


Over several months Leo’s condition turned worse- Leo developed urinary blockages and was treated and wasn’t out of the woods relapsing several times until Dr. Burton from Mountain West Animal Hospital recommended urethrostomy- an extensive, complicated and costly procedure. While this type of operation is not uncommon for felines- it was imperative to improve the quality of life cases like Leo. Post-surgery Leo is thriving. He is a happy cat who consequently ended up winning the heart of his medical technician who assisted in surgery. Leo’s love story is enduring and so is he in his new home and better health. Leo is a shining example of how UAAC can make miracles happen.  These are just two stories of hope with the common theme of love.

Meet Leo