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More than 1,000 cats and dogs have come through the doors of the Utah Animal Adoption Center this year. They can't thank you themselves, so we appreciate you on their behalf.

The Utah Animal Adoption Center (formerly Wasatch Humane) works closely with local Utah animal shelters in rescuing pets that are scheduled for euthanasia — sometimes minutes beforehand.

Our Center is unique. We are proud of the fact that at our 5,000 square foot Adoption Center we do not euthanize healthy animals. We also welcome back at any time any pet that was adopted through our Center. Our commitment to each one of these animals is life-long.
This year we have been faced with a true challenge. Kitten and puppy season never ended! Springtime brought trees to blossom, green grass to grow, and flowers to bloom. This year it also brought a long warm season for our furry friends to reproduce in great number. As a result, the Utah Animal Adoption Center had an influx of puppies and kittens, and they are all in need of vaccinations, veterinary care, and of course, homes. Please help us in our challenge to spay and neuter all of our rescued puppies and kittens and to place them into their forever homes.

Currently, we have 60 dogs and 100 cats available for adoption. Your contribution at this time will make a big difference in helping us provide the best possible care for the animals.
Please consider making a tax deductible donation today. If you would like to arrange for a monthly donation, please call us at (801) 326-2024, or you can contribute through the DONATE NOW button at the top of this page. Any amount helps!

Thank you, for love of the animals!

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