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About Us

Utah Animal Adoption Center (UAAC), a Utah 501(c), is a non-euthanizing animal shelter that rescues and finds homes for an average of 1,000 dogs and cats each year. Since 1983, we have dedicated ourselves to reducing the tragedies of pet overpopulation and the euthanasia of healthy adoptable pets.
Our dogs and cats come from local and regional shelters. We partner with these shelters, rescuing pets from their euthanasia lists. Individual donors, corporate supporters, and private foundation grants fund our mission to save lives by supporting animal rescue and providing medical attention.
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Cat on cat tree at Utah Animal Adoption Center

Our Shelter

Centrally located in the heart of Utah, along the Wasatch Front in Sandy, the Utah Animal Adoption Center provides a peaceful and loving environment for the care and wellness of abandoned cats and dogs in Utah.
Hosting feline friends available for adoption in Sandy and canine adoptions through local community foster families, the Utah Animal Adoption Center is committed to creating a happy ending for every abandoned animal.
The Utah Animal Adoption Center offers complete veterinary suite services for the health and wellness of all cats and dogs rescued in Utah.  Providing low-cost veterinary care services to small local rescue (501c3) partners to ensure that all abandoned cats and dogs get the medical help they desperately need.

Become A Sponsor

Corporate sponsorship is a great way to promote and associate your business with an organization with a reputation as leaders in the animal welfare movement.
UAAC holds several fundraising events each year that target pet-loving people from all across the Wasatch Front, in addition to the year-round funding opportunities available at our shelter. Sponsorships are available at all levels and can also include in-kind donations.
For additional information on how to partner with UAAC, contact Nancy via email at [email protected].

Board of Directors

Rose Bentley, President

Ashley Freeman, Treasurer

Brian Landers

Jennifer Archer-Rainey





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Utah Animal Adoption Center’s mission is to rescue animals until they find their forever home through the process of education, spay/neutering, adoption, and access to low-cost health services.