Adopting A Pet During A Pandemic

Can I adopt a pet during COVID-19?

I want to adopt a pet, and I am concerned whether it is safe for me to do so.  I don’t know if facilities are open at this time and if they are taking necessary precautions for everyone’s safety.

Many are confused about where to begin or if it is even possible to adopt at this time.  Here is what I found out.

Can I adopt a pet during COVID-19?

Can I adopt a pet during COVID-19?  Yes, dogs and cats are still available for adoption.  Individuals and families that are serious about this decision are encouraged to adopt, at this time.   Many facilities are open with limited hours or by appointment only.  All facilities are implementing the necessary precautions for everyone’s safety, including the animals.

We have all had many worries, fears, and concerns since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.  We have seen our secure lives turned upside down in the blink of an eye, replaced with masks, gloves, and distance from those we love.

For many, the loneliness of this isolation during COVID-19 has been especially hard.   Today we are all facing the possibility that COVID-19 may not go away anytime soon.  This sad reality has caused some to consider adopting a beloved dog or cat in need.

The first step in this process of adopting a pet during COVID-19 is to investigate adoption options in your geographical area using the internet and social media.  Through the internet, adopters can get in touch with facilities and available pets in their area.

Once a facility has is chosen, potential adopters can use their website, email, or phone number to begin the adoption process.  At this time, potential adopters can inquire about the facilities’ safety protocol and what comes next.

What safety precautions are in place?

There are many safety precautions in place now.  Since the start of COVID-19 all facilities have closed for the safety and protection of their animals, staff, and the public.  All facilities are taking appropriate precautions and safety measures according to the CDC and state recommendations to ensure everyone’s safety.

These include the wearing of masks and gloves by everyone from the veterinarian to the volunteer and public.  This protocol is required and non-negotiable.

Other current safety measures include limiting hours of operation or being closed to the public.  Having meet and greets by appointment only, limiting the number of people visiting.

Am I at risk of contracting COVID-19 from a rescue or shelter pet?

The CDC is still learning about this virus, but current research finds the incidence of transmission from animal to human, or human to animal, a low risk.   As stated above, facilities have in-depth safety precautions in place to protect everyone. 

When an animal enters a facility, it receives necessary veterinary care, including the screening for symptoms of COVID-19.

Animals are then quarantined for the necessary amount of time to ensure everyone’s safety, including the other animals at the center.

Everyone at these facilities is taking the same safety precautions when handling and caring for these animals as they would their co-worker, friend, family member, or the public.  Staff use gloves, masks, and disinfecting products for the health of the animals.

Through on-going research, the CDC currently considers the potential cross transmission between animals and humans to be low risk.  For more information about COVID-19 in animals, please check out the CDC website.

Another great resource for useful information pertaining to pet safety during this pandemic can be found at the FDA website.

Why it’s a good idea to adopt a pet right now?

It’s a good idea to adopt a pet right now because there is an increase in animals in shelters and rescue centers.

Many individuals and families are finding themselves in difficult financial and medical situations due to this pandemic.  Some are finding it hard to care for their furry loved ones and are bringing them to these facilities.  These struggles are causing an increase in the number of dogs and cats in these facilities.  Without adopters, many of these animals might end up euthanized.

By adopting a pet, you are not only providing a happy and loving home to a dog or cat in need.   You are also helping stop euthanasia because of this global pandemic.

In Conclusion

No one knows what the future of this pandemic will bring for our lives.  By adopting a dog or cat, you can provide them with a stable home environment amidst the difficulties of this pandemic.

The love, affection, and care that you can provide them, as well as what they share with you, can help overcome the difficult times, we all face right now.